Status Report #2
Some news about a future release!

Status Report #3 - Andrey Iskanov's Visions of Suffering - Final Directors Cut

Here's a brief update on the future release of Andrey Iskanov's VISIONS OF SUFFERING - Final Directors Cut.

As you may know, we where supposed to release Visions of Suffering last year, but whilst we where in process of looking into the remastering,  Iskanov decided that he wanted to go back into the movie to remove a few scenes of CGI he wasn't satisfied with upon its initial release in 2006. This resulted in Iskanov exorcizing his movie to the extent that he removed almost 60% of the old version, and shooting new scenes, to make it a rawer, darker, more disturbing movie. Instead we have a completely new film, VISIONS OF SUFFERING - Final Directors Cut.

Yes, we have seen much of the new footage which Iskanov is busy completing in post production right now, and it's amazing. As Iskanov completes the film we are cutting a second teaser promo for the film. (You can see the first teaser below.) As soon as the new promo is final and sanctioned by Iskanov, we will post it here.

The artwork and cover art for VOS-FDC will be created by a stunning artist who works in the Fantastic Realism realm, and we'll show you some of that too when we get closer to the release. 

“I was never really satisfied with the previous version of Visions of Suffering. The film always felt too long, I hated the CGI effects that I ended up using, and several plotlines never really lead to anything due to the tight deadline I was working under.  So given this opportunity to go back and re-create the intended atmosphere of the originally envisioned nightmare was something I had to do! You will see several new scenes replacing ones I never liked, a new lead actress and a totally new harrowing finale. I personally feel that this re-imaging of Visions of Suffering, make it a scarier, darker, colder and above all, a much more disturbing film that it was previously!”

Andrey Iskanov


VISIONS OF SUFFERING - Final Directors Cut will be released by Last Exit Entertainment during 2015.




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