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From the darkest, coldest corner of Khabarovsk, Russia comes the hottest film of the year – Andrey Iskanov’s redux of his 2006 classic VISIONS OF SUFFERING.


“I was never satisfied with the previous version of Visions of Suffering. The film always felt too long and I hated the CGI effects that I ended up using.”

Andrey Iskanov


VISIONS OF SUFFERING - FINAL DIRECTORS CUT is still the second film in the bizarre and surreal string of films that make up the HalluCsinoGeNnN series. But it is also a completely new film. Over 60% of the original footage has been removed and replaced with new scenes to re-shape the film, making it a completely new trip into the world of demons and nightmares. Re-constructed, with new actors, new music, new effects and new storylines, Iskanov brings it back to life with the intention of grasping the texture and atmosphere of another world, to catch a piece of this ever-elusive mysterious realm and present it to the viewer.



After loosing his girlfriend, Sasha falls into despair. He suffers nightmares where he is wandering a dead otherworldly forest filled with fog and strange creatures. He disturbs a demonic shaman and the creatures start to move into our world through the telephones lines, filling them with static. A phone repairman comes to help with the faulty lines, but the old man is not what he seems; he’s a phone-wizard and knows more than the average man about dreams, nightmares and the creatures that inhabit the other world.

At nightfall the situation spirals out of control and becomes deadly. Sasha makes several fatal mistakes; daytime is smashed to smithereens and throws the world into an eternal night of horrors. The only person who can help Sasha now is Brandt, a cynical and bitter war veteran who after a gunshot wound to the frontal lobe, forever lost the ability to sleep. He’s dedicated his life to studying the secrets of the occult and demonology. Doomed never to dream he’s taught himself to hunt the demons.

On a rainy stormy night, at the intersection of worlds, Brandt steps up to battle the Dream Demon, a mysterious creature that generates nightmares and illusions.  Time is short, and even though Brandt knows there is no real way of defeating the Demon, he must take this mission.

“Given this opportunity to go back and re-create the intended atmosphere of the originally envisioned nightmare was something I had to do! I personally feel that this re-imaging of Visions of Suffering, make it a scarier, darker, colder and above all, a much more disturbing film that it was previously!”

         Andrey Iskanov



VISIONS OF SUFFERING – FINAL DIRECTORS CUT features a new soundtrack with artists Inconsolable Ghost, Dolorism, Alexander Quinn, Fredrik Klingwall, Zinc Room and Purple Eve. With this re-mastering, restoration, and re-creation, the film will also be presented in its correct widescreen ratio instead of the previous 4:3 ratio.


Last Exit Entertainment, who released Iskanov’s debut feature NAILS in a re-mastered/color corrected edition last year, will be releasing VISIONS OF SUFFERING – FINAL DIRECTORS CUT exclusively during 2015. It will be available through


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