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Newsletter #1 2016

We are busy finalizing what be the ultimate release of ANDREY ISKANOV'S PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE.

As you know this is an epic film of 249 minutes so subtitling, translation and prep takes painstaking time, but it will be worth the wait. The final artwork is locked, a stunning piece by Ryohei Miyaji, know for his old-school Japanese artwork. As you might already know, our Last Exit Entertainment release will be the first ever to feature versions of several scenes in colour amongst the many bonus features. We also have a great piece written especially for this release by genre journalist Magnus Blomdahl, and there will be loads of other goodies exclusive to this release to be confirmed the closer we get to setting a street date.

You'll hear it here first, Andrey Iskanov has decided to rename Visions of Suffering: Final Director's Cut to

Iskanov is slaving away shooting and locking the final scenes to this film that has ended up being a completely new film instead of the few additional scenes he intended. We’ve posted some images he’s sent us from the editing, and trust us when we say that each time Iskanov sends us scenes to watch, we’re seriously left with our jaws on the floor. VISIONS OF SUFFERING : UROBOROS is going to be spectacular and fantastic in every possible way.

Below are some images straight from the edit suite, to tease you with the greatness to come.



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